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In this sector, fashionable for its culture and bohemian, locals live with travelers from around the world. Sharing information, culture and ideas It has been recently described by Forbes magazine as "the coolest new neighborhood in Cartagena". . There are people from all over the world with the locals of the place, sharing information, culture and ideas. Plaza de la Trinidad is the epicenter of the neighborhood. There you can enjoy from an egg arepa to a dinner tablecloth. Getsemaní is a world apart, colorful and raizal, within the same historic center, it has become the favorite meeting point for backpackers and young travelers who are looking for a less glamorous and more bohemian alternative. Sophisticated restaurants of international cuisine, contrast with the street stalls of hot dogs, egg arepas and shops where you can get cold beer at a lower price. . It also mixes the preserved architecture of the colonial houses, through whose wooden bars the residents watch their television watching, with somewhat neglected facades that exhibit murals and graffiti. They offer many commercial services: clothing and grocery stores, workshops and bicycle rental.